5 Day Kickstart to a Diet Free Life!


Imagine stepping into a room FILLED with breads, chocolate, ice cream, wine, sugar filled lattes...all the things you "shouldn't" have. 

Now imagine taking a deep breath and exhaling, a feeling of complete freedom washing over you because....

Food no longer controls you. 

Join the challenge today! (starts Oct 2nd) 

Join a wonderful group of women, starting October 2nd, who seriously might LOSE IT if they have to live one more day of their lives on a horrendously restrictive diet!

Each daily coffee talk (aka challenge lesson) comes via email and takes less than 15 minutes. You will also have the opportunity to hang out with me EVERY DAY live to get more help, support and espresso-filled excitement!

Get prepared...I'm about to give you ACTIONABLE steps for bringing about some REAL lasting change.

During this epic 5 day challenge, you'll learn:

  •  Exactly how to relax and truly end your restrictive habits
  •  How to eat without calorie counting and diets, and why it's the research-based answer to ending the constant cycle of weight loss/gain (yep - I'm pullin' the science card on this one!)
  •  The secret weapon for ending overeating (that no one seems to talk about)
  •  The MOST important skill you need to be able to live this new life FOREVER

Join us, my most amazing girlfriend! You're life is busy enough - let's free up all the energy in your body being sucked DRY by dieting. 

 A sweet sigh of relief is on it's way!

Hi!! I’m Christie, your friendly neighborhood wife, friend, mama and coffee-drinkin' Registered Dietitian.  

I help gals like you and I learn how to NEVER diet again!

A few fun nuggets about me:

  • I have a deep love for warm beverages (especially coffee). They just have a way of hitting your soul and makin’ ya go “aaahhhhh”
  • Everything is better with a good sarcastic meme!
  • I am a Super Mario connoisseur. Give me a Flower Power Up and my enemies are toast
  • There are two foods I can’t stand: Cantaloupe and Beets (BLECH)


I look forward to pullin' up a cozy chair with you, coffee talkin' out all some of our biggest issues with food - and setting you on the path to diet freedom!!

The challenge starts October 2nd!